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Unlock the full potential of data within your systems and applications

Knowledge is power. But to get the knowledge, you need the data. We have been helping organisations leverage this power through our data and integration services for many years.

And because data is one of your most valuable commodities and an underutilised resource, we help you unleash its potential through our comprehensive on prem, hybrid and cloud integration solutions.

Access our team of 165+ local data and integration consultants who’ve successfully delivered over 250 unique data integrations.

Service Highlights

Uncover insights in disconnected systems and turn them into moments that matter

Connecting Disparate Data & IT Systems

Improve your customer and employee experiences by making it simpler and more engaging to interact with you.

1. Remove boundaries & complexities
Working in siloed IT environments makes everything harder. We integrate individual business units’ disparate information and applications so you can do things easier and more efficiently.

2. Reap benefits faster
Get the most out of your data by creating innovative, flexible, and scalable solutions quickly and effectively.

3. Seamless & safe integration
You need security and speed. Our data, application, and system integration experts get you where you want to go faster, without compromising on compliance.

Simplify Managing Your Data

Untangle the complex web of data software and hardware slowing down your digital transformation journey.

1. Harmonise your data
Create a 360 view of your data across structured and unstructured data sets to support your findability and analytics needs.

2. Leverage high-growth technologies
Your needs are unique, and so is the blend of tech you require. We have experts across various technologies to provide custom-fit solutions and deliver managed services.

3. Access expertise & partnerships
You can trust our expertise because we partner with the best data integration vendors in the market. Whether you need traditional or cloud-based integration, our data specialists help you more quickly realise your business outcomes.

4. Confidence that comes with experience
You need robust and high-performing solutions. Atturra's award-winning team deliver these through an architecture-driven approach, adherence to industry best practice, a focus on API management process, and our own IP.

Streamline your information with ECM

Atturra Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions unlock the power of your ever-increasing business information, enabling better decisions based on robust information architecture and functional system design.

1. Atturra ECM Cloud
Pre-configured industry solutions built on OpenText and running on Microsoft Azure, with the highest levels of security and strict data sovereignty governance. We’ve leveraged all the work we’ve completed across hundreds of engagements and done the hard work to get you set up - swiftly and securely - on the Atturra ECM Cloud. Explore our ECM Industry solutions for more.

2. ECM as a Service
We deliver enterprise-grade content management platforms and services from discovery to deployment, with best-in-class ECM integration, migration, and Project Management solutions offered with end-to-end applications and systems support.

3. Transformation through digitisation
Move away from manual processes to automation of data and industrialisation of ideas. From archiving legacy applications to integrating CRM and ERP, we deliver the transformation that fuels CX, business process automation and smarter human experience management.

4. Strategy and compliance
From EIM, ECM, and EDRMS Strategy to an exhaustive compliance framework with best practices, our solutions and services account for growth, diversity, and reach of information sources, offering enterprise-wide compliance as well as a future-ready data springboard for strategic decision-making.


Create Connections

Integration brings your data and IT systems together to link business units, break down silos, and connect your people with your customer.

Create Meaning

Use the full power of your data by turning it into actionable insights across your organisation and in serving your customers.

Create Certainty

Capture value by partnering with data integration leaders in managing, monitoring, and maintaining high-integrity data.

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Enabling Energy and Utilities giant to simplify and modernise for a brighter future.

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