12 April 2024 | Atturra - 4 min read
How an ICT Organisational Review Can Support Your School's Future

Despite rapid evolution within the ICT Industry, the ICT support environments in most schools remain largely unchanged. The old way is to stick with on-premise infrastructure, management, and support. Applications tend to be ’served‘ internally, and most security measures are also carried out by internal staff. There may also be a fully managed fleet of computers for the IT team to contend with.

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12 April 2024 | Atturra, 5 min read
Optimising User Experience in Education

In today’s digital era, where so much of our daily activities happen online, user experience is critical. People expect and demand that engaging with organisations will be a straightforward and positive process, with flexibility and convenience. Education institutions are certainly not exempt from this expectation.

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12 April 2024 | Atturra - 4 min read
Managing the Heightened Risk of Cyber Attacks in Schools

Schools are increasingly relying on technology to streamline their administrative operations. This reliance is bringing heightened risk of hackers and cyber criminals to undertake ransomware and phishing attacks, as they recognise student administration platforms are rich sources of personal data.

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20 February 2024 | Atturra, 4 min read
How School Teachers Can Stay Ahead of the AI Curve

Artificial intelligence (AI) is proving to be both a blessing and a curse for a variety of sectors, and for schools it’s no different. In this article we look at the role teachers must play in educating their students on

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20 September 2023 | Atturra, 6 min read
Unlocking the Value of ICT in Education: Getting the Best Out of Staff & Students

With so much ed tech on the market, how do schools get the most out of their ICT investment? We sat down with Atturra’s Brett Auton, Practice Lead for K-12 Education, to find out.

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24 July 2023 | Atturra, 3 min read
How to Integrate ICT into your Educational Environment

Schools are facing an increasing demand to integrate ICT into their educational environments for two key reasons. So that teachers can stay ahead of the ever-evolving technological landscape, and to enhance the learning experience for students. A well-designed ICT environment can help schools achieve various goals, including improving student engagement and learning outcomes, and streamlining administrative tasks.

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7 June 2023 | Atturra, 2 min read
Maximising ICT Potential in K-12 Education with an Effective IT Plan

Schools are at the forefront of leveraging information and communications technology (ICT) to enhance learning and user experience.

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