Transforming NDIS services for a better client experience

Ganesh Nagasamy, 5 min read

A recent report by NDIS Review Working together to deliver the NDIS contains 26 recommendations and 139 integrated actions to make the system more sustainable.

As the Chief Architect of our Data and Integration business which partners with Boomi. I am personally interested in the themes of integration and sustainability that were highlighted, as these have been at the core of Atturra’s and Boomi’s joint efforts when working on several NDIS projects, such as transforming customer experience by consolidating systems.


The NDIS system comprises a complex network of participants, service providers and government regulations. These present integration challenges that adversely impact the very people the system is designed to assist.

One of the four key areas the report addressed was around a ‘Unified system of support for people with disability’. The review recommended a focus on housing, foundational supports and support to empower people with disability to live autonomously through inclusive mainstream services that are coordinated with the NDIS.

So, what part does technology have to play in creating this unified system of support? I believe there are two specific ways technology can transform the NDIS and help Australians with a disability access the care and services they need.

Helping providers personalise services and improve operational efficiencies

Historically, the NDIS landscape in Australia has been hindered by fragmented technological solutions. Outside of the NDIS platform, providers often use different CRM systems with a wide range of variety across different sectors such as Aged Care, Disability and Occupational Therapy, for example.

This has led to operational inefficiencies, suboptimal service delivery, and contributed to instability within operating environments. According to the NDS State of the Disability Sector Report 2023, 34% of providers made a loss in FY22-23, and 69% are worried they won’t be able to provide NDIS services at current prices.

As a strategic Boomi partner, Atturra uses a cloud-based integration platform to create a more connected and efficient environment for providers. Integrating data across multiple touchpoints gives providers a comprehensive view of each NDIS participant’s journey. Creating a single source of truth – a golden record – enables them to deliver more personalised and effective support strategies.

The automation capabilities of Boomi allow us to streamline various NDIS operational processes, reducing manual workload and focusing resources on direct participant engagement. Its stringent data protection and compliance measures also ensure that all NDIS-related data handling meets the regulatory requirements.

The right integration solutions empower providers to deliver improved services and positively impact their operational environment and bottom line.

Improve the client experience for people who access the NDIS

At the heart of the NDIS are those who access quality supports and inclusive mainstream services to help them live autonomously. It is not simple or easy for people with disabilities or parents of children who have a disability to access the NDIS. They must gather significant evidence from specialists and complete lengthy forms to be assessed and approved for appropriate services.

The right technology increases trust and confidence in the system and removes the need for participants to consistently repeat information or care history by ensuring data is unified and updated seamlessly.

Participants benefit from a personalised and holistic approach achieved through enhanced data-sharing practices between NDIS providers and government agencies that foster collaboration and transparency.

Additional money can be invested into the system and used to supply supports to people that need it through automating critical administrative functions like billing and reporting. This significantly improves operational efficiency and accuracy, which means fewer errors and less loss—like the recently estimated $1.4 billion through fraud and payment errors.

Shaping the future of NDIS with integrated solutions

The journey towards a more inclusive and effective NDIS is ongoing, and Atturra, in collaboration with Boomi, is committed to driving innovation in the sector. Integrated solutions aren’t just about technology; they are about enabling better, more efficient, and more personalised services – contributing to a unified system of support for Australians with disabilities. We are privileged to be a part of this journey and excited to be at the helm of this transformative movement.


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