APU Company
Scope of work

About the Client

Established in 1924, APU Company (APU) is one of Mongolia’s leading organisations. Today, the food and beverage maker is on a mission to expand its global market presence, citing its leadership producing and retailing more than 300 products, spanning dairy, alcohol, and soft drink categories. APU proudly touts Heineken as one of its key shareholders and plans to strategically export a selection of its 12 brands to ten countries in Asia, Europe, and the USA.

Business Opportunity

To capitalise on its global market potential, the organisation needed to pursue various technology and process automation initiatives to become a data-driven organisation, ready to take on new partnerships, streamline operations, and improve business decision making.

Slowing its digital ambitions were traditional point-to-point integrations forming an unsustainable technology landscape. The environment was time consuming to manage, complex to digitalise within, and created technical risk across the board.

APU needed to simplify its technology operations with a new approach to integration that would support its cloud migration to Microsoft Azure, create digital links for third parties, and ready the business for new applications and services.

Atturra Solution

APU sought to implement a best-of-breed integration framework, and selected the Boomi platform, including Boomi’s integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) and API Management solution, to achieve its digital transformation targets.

With track record in delivering successful integration and data projects and confidence from Boomi, Atturra was introduced to APU as a strategic partner to complement their digital roadmap.

Atturra designed and implemented a standardised, flexible, and scalable ‘API-fication’ framework to rapidly connect APU’s systems, applications, and data with reusable APIs. The solution segments APIs into three classes, including consumer and public environment APIs; internal product and service APIs; and external supply chains APIs. Through a Boomi gateway, the data is exposed to internal and external platforms.

Under these layers, the Boomi-backed environment intuitively connects APU’s operational systems, including its Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) and human resources (HR) systems, and other cloud-based applications.

Outcomes Achieved

As Mongolia undergoes a digital transformation push, and APU eyes global expansion, Atturra’s efforts have significantly evolved how APU conducts business, rendering the organisation ‘ready to connect’ through an open data environment.

APU can now share key information with third parties such as customers, suppliers, partners, banks, and government, and automate their engagements, including procurement, payments, tax and compliance reports. The benefit extends to new transacting partners and customers, who can also be easily plugged in.

“We see ourselves leading the charge in how the Mongolian economy collaborates. The new environment makes secure links with seven banks easy, which means APU can quickly and safely access payments from vendors or customers. Our product distribution is also more conducive with connections to retail and hospitality customers creating effortless procurement,” said Mr. Munkhbat Luvsanbyamba, Head of Application Services at APU.

The connected environment has also allowed APU to develop a data warehouse from which its vast applications can draw accurate information. Atturra is now working with APU to introduce Boomi Master Data Hub (MDH), which will maintain ‘golden records’ from the pool of data, offering 360-degree visibility over its information and digital assets.

“In making integration and automation part of its DNA, we’ve not only helped APU expedite connectivity, but enhance access to data insights for decision making. Its strengthened footing is seeing new services being launched to drive its business and partnership growth ambitions. This is a huge win for APU, and an accomplishment for Atturra – it’s a true show of our efforts to unlock innovation in Asia markets,” said Jason Frost, Executive General Manager for Data & Integration at Atturra.

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