Synergy WA
Scope of work


Synergy is Western Australia’s largest integrated electricity generator and energy retailer. They are on a journey towards an intelligent energy future. This journey will see them create renewable energy and storage and reduce carbon emissions.

  • Leading WA’s renewable energy transformation
  • 250,000 drawings on OpenText
  • Winner of OpenText ANZ Digital Transformation Excellence Award

Business Opportunity

Synergy’s employees needed to access over 250,000 drawings to perform their work on site assets across WA. Synergy was finding it was difficult to transmit drawings from site to site, and no workflows were assigned to the drawings. Synergy also managed drawings in one system and supported technical documents in another – OpenText.

“Our partner Atturra helped us implement a drawing management portal. It turned out the solution was using the OpenText product out-of-the-box.”

Debbie Cutts,
Manager of Enterprise Information Management, Synergy

Atturra Solution

Having previously partnered with Atturra, Synergy had confidence in approaching us to help find the perfect solution that brought together the management of drawings and technical documents in the one system – OpenText.

A creative and collaborative approach resulted in the development of a drawing management portal that operational employees could use to find, access and manage drawings 24/7. The team created prebuilt searches to improve searchability and then applied filters within the OpenText environment. Because the solution was simple and effective, no complex development or system training was required.

Outcomes achieved

The drawing portal solution has enabled Synergy to work more efficiently across sites, improving cross-collaboration efforts.

The experience for daily onsite users has been dramatically enhanced. Following overwhelmingly positive feedback from the first site, the solution was rolled out to the remaining sites within eight weeks. All stakeholders embraced the solution, particularly Synergy’s site leadership teams who supported this innovative project from the outset.

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