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About Us

At Atturra, we clear the path, so you can do more and go beyond.    

Key is helping clients redefine what their future looks like with technology. This is delivered through strategic and creative thinking, tactical skills and IP tools, so you can more easily adopt and benefit from innovation. 

Our advisory and solution specialists are technologically adept and empathetically human; and we ensure you work with the right people to solve the right challenges. 

We offer proven practices, honed from thousands of technology deployments across dozens of industries and hundreds of organisations nationwide, resulting in effective and elegant, end-to-end outcomes. 

For wherever you need to go next. For wherever the future is going.

Atturra, we’ll lead you there.

About us

The Atturra Advantage

We bring specialised experience and strategic partnerships– offering assured leadership at critical moments requiring transformational change.

Expertise at Scale

Modernised, simplified and optimised for more than 600 clients.

Strong Industry Focus

Industry-specific expertise across government, defence, financial services, higher education and more.


Quick-to-market, with our IP solutions and cross-functional capabilities.


100% Australian owned with offices across the nation.

Over 200 Security-
Cleared Staff

One of the largest consulting teams working with Defence and Federal Government.

Strong Technology

We partner with leading technology companies to offer specialised technology and scalable, expert solutions.

A Skilled Team

With a background across a multitude of industries and organisations, our people bring the technical and business experience required to successfully lead your technological evolution.

Stephen Kowal

Chief Executive Officer

David Dekker

Chief Operations Officer

Julia Merten

Chief Human Resources Officer

Helen Ord

General Counsel

Richard Shaw

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Balmaks

Executive General Manager – Advisory & Consulting

Elizabeth Dwyer

Executive General Manager – Change & Enablement

Greg Mace

Executive General Manager - Cloud & Applications

Jason Frost

Executive General Manager - Data & Integration

Petar Bielovich

Executive General Manager – Management Control Solutions

Richard Hill

Executive General Manager - Business Applications