Workplace Health and Safety Legislation, policies and processes are in constant change, but the way organisations handle Workplace and Safety has not. They are highly manual, siloed and inefficient. To deliver better workplace safety solutions and outcomes today, businesses need the right digital tools and techniques.

Enacting change quickly requires more than just a software upgrade. It requires building an engaged safety culture, with a focus on human factors, systems, techniques and processes.

Our team can transform your Workplace Health and Safety capability to deliver better safety outcomes using an approach that is cost-effective, scalable and flexible. We’ll help you to successfully evolve your safety capabilities by ensuring the right tasks are done at the right time. So that each step can be achieved at speed, are connected to business benefits, and aligned to the bigger picture.

Our safety solutions use powerful workflow capabilities to automate complex, time intensive processes for employees, such as:

  • Incident and injury management
  • Risk and hazard management
  • Proactive safety initiatives
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Contractor management
  • Permit and licensing
  • Training and induction
site workers, wearing high-vis and hard hats reviewing report on a laptop, comparing it to a report on a tablet

Simplifying safety and compliance

Existing safety systems can be expensive. They focus on specific processes and often require costly customisation, which only increases cost, implementation speeds, and heavily constrains anticipated safety benefits.

A successful safety solution requires full adoption and an engaged and empowered workforce to achieve best practice. Software alone can’t achieve that. Simply throwing software at the problem without integrating it into your core systems and processes often causes more problems and accidents than it solves.

Our team can provide you with turnkey solutions that are pre-built, compliant and designed to change from requests made by you, the business user. This model allows you to leverage the experience and IP of the user community and allows Atturra to focus on the human elements of change to drive successful user adoption and better safety outcomes.

Safety solutions fit for your team

You can expect:

  • Best-of-breed software that provides complete coverage of the entire value chain of WHS and Contractor Management.
  • A managed integration platform to ensure seamless connectivity to your core human resources, asset systems and records.
  • Fast and successful implementation that includes training and management of the human elements of change, saving you time and money.
  • Built in reports and analytics to leverage a single source of truth for safety information, enabling you to provide insights to your evolving safety practices.
  • An affordable Solution as a Service and an SLA based performance. Our costs are charged per user, including all software updates.
  • Research & development, and innovation from our partner community, to further develop future-proof safety solutions that evolve with your business.

Together let’s automate your manual processes and spend more time on proactive workforce engagement solutions.

Because safety shouldn’t happen by accident.

Transforming safety outcomes with the right digital tools

Let’s accelerate your Workplace Health and Safety capability.