Local governments face a myriad of challenges in their pursuit for efficiency and innovation. From navigating complex software landscapes to optimising resource allocation, the process can be daunting and filled with unexpected obstacles.

That’s where our specialised service comes in. With a dedicated team of technical and functional specialists, and project managers, we offer tailored solutions to help local governments achieve their organisational goals.

Leading the way

As the only holistic IT services provider to both Australian and New Zealand local governments, our breadth of capabilities includes:

  • Business and IT advisory services.
  • Core Application expertise in key platforms such as TechnologyOne, Infor Pathway, ReadyTech, Microsoft, iChris and Aurion.
  • Application and Infrastructure Managed Services that provide support for your Core Applications, all the way through to full Infrastructure Managed Services.
  • Data migration & integration capability, with specialist skills in Boomi, Ion, and Webmethods
  • Change management and technology adoption services.
  • Project support services, with access to business analysts, project and program managers as required.
  • Business-As-Usual (BAU) assistance for key functions such as Payroll, Finance and Rate generation.
  • A suite of partners that offer specialty solutions for AP Automation (Efficiency Leaders), Bookings and Events (Attekus), enhanced Payment options (Payble), Voice AI (Curious Thing) and Governance Risk and Compliance (Torque Software).

We are true local government experts with a proven track record of success.

Specialised service for Local Governments

Our team bring specialised focus and skills, from technical and functional specialists to project managers.

The scope of services provided to local governments include:

  • Strategic Advice. Our team can provide expert guidance to help mitigate risks when implementing new software or seek counsel to help get the most value from their software investments.
  • Cloud ERP Consulting. If you’re looking to modernise your applications, our consultants can advise you on Cloud ERP and the best approach to move your business partially or fully into the Cloud.
  • Systems Reviews & Application Health Checks. Reviews and health checks help local governments gain a better understanding of the capabilities and shortcomings of their current systems. Our team can help determine if a change to your system is required.
  • Licence Review. You can reduce security vulnerability and costs by optimising software licences and visibility over your renewals.
  • Tailored Reporting. We develop well-designed, tailored reports that go deeper than standard reports, providing you with the ability to better analyse financial reporting, view behaviours of targeted demographics, or streamline processes.

Proven delivery and change approach

We are invested in our clients’ success, which is why we aim to fully understand your organisation’s objectives and technical requirements before implementing any solution. This requires a structured approach and strong cooperation and collaboration with your team.

Our proven approach is outlined below:

  • Scoping. This first phase involves detailed investigation of the activities, processes and operations to understand the needs of the project. We then develop a comprehensive approach to address these needs by identifying the scope, including product functionality, solution gaps, and potential workarounds. Additionally, we assess project risks and develop strategies to mitigate them proactively.
  • Implementation. The purpose is to configure functions, ensuring the software aligns with specific requirements. Rigorous testing is conducted to validate the system’s functionality, followed by comprehensive training sessions for users. User Acceptance Testing ensures the system meets stakeholders’ expectations. Data migration and conversion processes are carefully executed to ensure seamless transition and uptake. Finally, the system is launched into production, with ongoing support and maintenance provided to ensure smooth operation post go-live.
  • Project Management. We’ll customise our approach to match your governance needs. Using the Agile methodology, we break down tasks into sprint iterations for efficient and clear progress tracking, and establish clear roles and responsibilities for all involved, ensuring seamless collaboration and communication.
  • Change Management. Successful change can be the difference between project success and failure. Good change management acknowledges the journey an individual takes over the course of a business transformation. It exists to facilitate user adoption, derive expected benefits and support the workings of the wider team.

The unique challenges faced by local governments requires specialised service. Our team provide expert advice that will help your organisation achieve its vision. By leveraging our proven delivery and change approach, we ensure each solution is tailored to your council’s needs and processes.

Streamlining local governments’ software for better outcomes

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