Elevate your HR and Payroll technology with our industry specialists. Our payroll consulting team work across multiple HR and Payroll systems, including iChris/Chris21, TechnologyOne, Aurion Technology and ReadyTech.

Our team of professionals bring extensive knowledge, experience and skill to your Payroll System projects.

Not only can we enhance your payroll solutions ensuring they with your business requirements, we can also act as trusted advisers to improve your internal processes, to drive greater efficiency and productivity across your business.

Consulting Services

Our comprehensive range of payroll services include:

  • System audits: Review and identify errors to optimise operations and ensure compliance regulatory requirements such as with Enterprise Agreements and Awards.
  • System and module implementation: Implement HR and Payroll modules to improve productivity and processes.
  • Health checks: Review your existing payroll technology to improve the efficiency and efficacy of your tools or advise on best practice system configuration
  • Integrations: Integrate third-party applications to new or existing software.
  • System Upgrades: Ensure your systems are up to date and you’re using the latest technology in payroll.
  • Training: Keep your staff skilled in using your HR and Payroll systems.
  • Managed services: Provide assistance to your team with ongoing technical support.

Our services prioritise understanding your objectives and workflow processes first, to then guide you through the project stages, timelines and resources necessary to achieve your organisational goals.

top view of workers collaborating on HR and payroll technology solution options

HRIS Solutions Support

In today’s competitive landscape, having efficient HR and Payroll solutions is simply not enough. Forward-thinking organisations understand the importance of the HR and Payroll function.

Our team specialises in providing comprehensive support for HRIS solutions. Services encompass support, training, implementation, and ongoing upgrade assistance tailored to your HR, Talent Management and Payroll technology needs. We are committed to bridging the gap between technical functionality and providing a tangible return on investment.

With a steadfast dedication to delivering value, our team has extensive experience across a diverse array of HRIS solutions.

From new implementations to customisations, upgrades and system integration, our expert consultants are there to ensure maximum value from your HRIS. Collaborating closely with both clients and vendors to align your workforce, processes and business tools towards continuous performance enhancements.

Partner with our experienced team of specialists for a tailored solution that delivers results from the initial consultation.

Expert guidance, and personalised support.