In the dynamic landscape of modern manufacturing where competition is fierce and efficiency is paramount, every area must align effortlessly to enable success. Central to this strategy is the need to continually improve manufacturing operations and leverage the best that technology can offer. This is where our team of industry and technology specialists can help.

Every manufacturer is different and has their own unique challenges and business objectives. Atturra’s manufacturing consultants provide advice and deliver highly configurable solutions tailored to you.

As a company that works hand in hand with our manufacturing clients, we’re committed to excellence to enable tangible, transformative outcomes for you. This is because we take a holistic approach which includes streamlining your business processes and optimising technology use.

Importantly, we build long-lasting relationships through trust, collaboration and shared success as attested by our 98 per cent client retention rate.

Streamlining Manufacturing ERP with Expert Services

  • Application Managed Services: Expert help and deep technical knowledge to help maximise your ERP investment.
  • ERP Upgrades: QAD upgrades are a core competency of our team, who consistently deliver high-quality outcomes and ensure upgrades are carried out seamlessly.
  • Integration/Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): By integrating data between different systems or entities, we eliminate the burden of maintaining each of these separately and remove the manual data entry.
  • Implementation: Delivering the best-fit solution for your organisation to create efficiency, minimise IT & support costs, improve technology security and reduce complexity for your employees.
  • Process Improvement: Our team can consult and provide a list of recommendations to improve your organisation’s processes, leading to an increase in productivity.
  • Quality Assurance (QA)/Regulatory: Regulatory bodies such as the FDA require validation of software utilised to manufacture and distribute medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Our team can partner with your internal teams to perform a risk assessment and document the Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ).

It’s not just about providing a solution that brings effective functionality, it’s ensuring every aspect of your business is performing at its best. From focussing on the safety of your employees and contractors with our experts in Safety Solutions, through to implementing organisational change with our Change & Adoption team.

Manufacturing modernisation through digital transformation

Our team of consultants provide expert advice in every aspect within the manufacturing industry, from production processes, to supply chain planning, accounts payable & receivable as well as data analytics & reporting. We work with you to improve operational efficiency with the right applications from partners such as QAD and Esker.

According to Australian Industry Group, input price has increased by 22.7% since 2020, emphasising the need to modernise manufacturing facilities, equipment and technologies. Our team can help automate processes and enhance efficiency through configurable technology applications.

Furthermore, 71% of manufacturers are focusing on productivity to adapt to changing customer needs and preferences, according to a study by CommBank. By leveraging our expertise, you can stay ahead in the competitive landscape of modern manufacturing. Digital transformation not only boosts productivity but also enhances product quality, reduces downtime, and fosters innovation.

Embrace the future of manufacturing with our tailored solutions and expert guidance. Let us help you navigate the complexities and benefits of digital transformation and achieve long-term success in the evolving manufacturing industry.

Dedicated Support for Manufacturing

We want to make sure your ERP and technology solutions are working the way you want them. It’s all about making the resources work efficiently for you. Should you come across any issues or queries with these, lodge your ticket  with our support team here:

Supporting manufacturers for success

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