Confidently plan and execute your strategy and business transformation milestones

You operate in a complex, ever-changing and uncertain environment. Whether a government agency or a private corporation, we enable you to navigate disruption and thrive in a fast-moving landscape.

Get to the heart of the business problem you need to solve through our strategic capabilities across business operations analysis, business transformation, infrastructure, apps, analytics and AI technologies.

Service Highlights

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Strategic Business Transformation

You're constantly facing unknowns, challenges and untapped opportunities. We guide you forward to safely innovate and transform.

1. Evolve strategy & business plans
Align your organisation’s vision, goals, and actions, even in highly charged situations. We help you consider factors and risks, develop measures for transformation and steps for success.

2. Improve management performance
More confidently make decisions that combine smart technology with hindsight, insight and foresight. Better execute operationally and proactively manage emerging risks, complexity and scale.  

3. Enable enterprise governance
Better control, direct or regulate organisational performance.  Working collaboratively, we provide evidence-based advice – enabling you to improve governance and effectively meet legal, strategic, community and environmental obligations.

4. Hone enterprise risk management
Ensure your enterprise risk management activities support executive decision-making. Understand risk appetite and biases affecting your culture; identify and track critical controls; and build better risk processes. Gain meaningful insights through business simulation, testing, and analytics.

Preparing For Implementation

Transformational success relies strongly on building good foundations and structures that sustain it over time.

1. Framework for benefits realisation
Ensure you can prioritise and identify the right investments through our benefits management framework.

2. Process design
Improve effectiveness through rigorously designed processes aligned to your outcomes. This includes equipping staff with guidelines, documentation and training on customer interactions and daily operations.

3. People impact
The best technical solutions and most efficient business processes will still fail if not supported by a prepared and engaged workforce. We design, implement and support effective change measures, ensuring successful adoption, driving value realisation and return on investment.

4. Holistic approach
Align your messaging and context across communications, engagement, and training. All our interventions integrate to deliver a clear story that resonates with your people to deliver high levels of adoption—helping you meet project and business objectives.

Realise and Sustain Benefits

Enable successful delivery and uptake of your transformation projects for long-term benefit.

1. Deploy results-driven change
To effectively implement organisation-wide transformation, you want change partners with a proven methodology. Our change approach is informed by the industry recognised Prosci ADKAR™ model, enhanced to meet the real requirements of organisations in ANZ.

2. Drive successful outcomes today
Overall project success depends on high levels of adoption. We manage the people element of your transformation, working as an equal partner with your technical and process teams. As the voice of your users, we provide checks and balances to ensure business and technical readiness, so your objectives are met.

3. Prepare for your future success
You can’t predict the future, but you can improve your ability to anticipate change. We help you bridge the gap between guesswork and readiness. Collaborating with you and futurists, facilitators and designers, we help you better understand possible opportunities and threats.


Clear path

For the short, medium, and long-term future of your organisation, so you can build upon a shared vision.

Confident decisions

Feel assured about the technology solutions and execution plans for your digital transformation.

Create value

For your organisation and customers. Capitalise on new opportunities created through your chosen technology

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