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Rapidly adapt to change

QAD helps manufacturing industries (automotive, consumer products, food and beverage, high tech and industrial) to rapidly adapt to change and innovate.

A focus on manufacturing

With over 7,000 manufacturing sites live in over 100 countries, QAD has a proven record of providing effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

Meeting demand

Domestic manufacturing demand is rising and like many local manufacturers, you’re looking for the support QAD can offer to help with increasing complexities in your supply chain.

Delivering successful client outcomes

With a track record of providing IT solutions for numerous clients, you’ll benefit from the breadth and depth of Atturra’s experience across the public and private sectors.

  • World-class processes, integrated supply chain and comprehensive visibility across all areas of your organisation.
  • Flexible solutions to help you innovate and adapt to change at speed.
  • Years of strategy experience and industry knowledge. We partner with you to understand your unique requirements.
  • Solutions for quality management, traceability, scenario planning, demand and supply chain planning, production execution visibility, and more.
  • QAD Enterprise applications are offered in flexible deployment models, with a focus on cloud deployments.


“(QAD) is the backbone of our operations, doing everything from inventory, sales, finance, wastage reports, and traceability.”

Belinda Desland
Brewhouse Manager, Bundaberg

Client Story

Family-owned Queensland beverage company Bundaberg recently aligned their brewing and sales with the globally recognised standard of Brand Reputation Compliance Standard. To support this, Atturra upgraded Bundaberg’s ERP system using QAD software application.

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