Leapwork is a cutting-edge automation platform that empowers businesses to streamline their processes efficiently. Both Atturra and Leapwork proudly share the distinction of being Microsoft partners, offering state-of-the-art, Microsoft-endorsed visual test automation solutions, to ensure business continuity amid rapid software delivery cycles.

Leading the way, Together

A partnership that underscores the integral roles in driving and refining the Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform ecosystem.


Build automation easily with Leapwork’s visual and intuitive platform. 90% less time spent on manual testing. 

Minimum maintenance

Schedules and triggers to reduce bugs and minimise risk. Complexity and maintenance kept to a minimum.

Effortless integration

Leapwork allows comprehensive testing across your tech stack, ensuring seamless data synchronisation in D365 apps and beyond.

Delivering successful client outcomes

With Atturra's track record of providing services to more than 800 clients over many years, you'll benefit from the breadth and depth of our experience across the public and private sectors.

Looking for a step-change in your business’ technology capabilities?

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