| Michael Bumpus, 3 min read

Australian Organisations Must Rethink the Way They Manage Their Applications

Constantly changing IT environments, growing cloud investment, and a rapid stream of software updates threaten to pull organisational focus away from big-picture activities.

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| Estelle Ivory – 2 min read

From Setback to Success: How to Transform Redundancy into Opportunity

When a life event like redundancy happens, it can be easy to feel defeated and lost. But it doesn't have to be this way. In fact, redundancy can be the perfect opportunity to re-invent yourself, take on new projects, and pursue the work you've always wanted to do.

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| Andrew Balmaks, Noel Derwort 31 min listen

Simplifying, Optimising and Modernising Defence Industry Businesses

The Australian Defence Magazine produces a regular podcast that aims to educate, explain and explore some of the bigger issues around Defence. They have conversations with experts from a range of backgrounds, including the Defence industry and academia.

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| Atturra – 1 min read

Mapping The Course For Leadership Success

Executive General Manager of Advisory & Consulting, Andrew Balmaks, shares the leadership lessons he learned during his military career.

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| Peter Murphy - 3 min read

7 Key Themes to Shape the Year Ahead: A Perspective for Business Leaders

The past 12 months have proven particularly challenging for Australian businesses. Faced with everything from cyberattacks and supply chain disruptions, to uncertain economic conditions and staff shortages, many have had to make significant changes to their operations. The coming year is likely to deliver more of the same. Business leaders will need to remain nimble and prepared to make changes as they are required

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| Rob Cheesman - 4 min read

5 Challenges Facing Australian Manufacturers in 2023

Australia is often referred to as the lucky country, and it seems there is some truth to this. Despite global turmoil for most of 2022, the majority of Australian manufacturers have fared relatively well.

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