From Setback to Success: How to Transform Redundancy into Opportunity

When a life event like redundancy happens, it can be easy to feel defeated and lost. But it doesn't have to be this way. In fact, redundancy can be the perfect opportunity to re-invent yourself, take on new projects, and pursue the work you've always wanted to do.

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This is something Estelle Ivory, General Manager for Delivery with Atturra Cloud Business Solutions, knows first-hand. She experienced redundancy about twenty years ago, and it sent her on a very unexpected but rewarding career path.

“As a sales manager, I was made redundant on the same day that the $5M tender I had written, was won. It was a crushing experience for me at the time, but I was determined not to let it define me. I was lucky enough to have a few good business connections, and after a couple of teary coffee chats, I nervously started my IT career.”

So now Estelle reflects on this as a blessing in disguise. Something that seemed unfortunate at the time has led her to rewarding career opportunities. In this article she provides some tips for getting through a redundancy if this is something you’re going through at the moment, or something that you may experience in the future.

Tips for getting through redundancy with your head held high

  1. Remember that redundancy is not a reflection of your worth as a person, or as an employee. It's often a result of larger economic factors or changes in a company's structure and direction.

  2. Be kind to yourself, take some time to acknowledge the situation, sit back and lick your wounds. Think about what it is you want to do and not what you have to do.

  3. Know that you’re not alone in this experience and that many people go through redundancy at some point in their careers.

  4. The upside of a redundancy can be a financial windfall, so instead of dwelling on the job loss, you can spend time on working out how to use this money wisely.

  5. Redundancy can be an opportunity to take a step back and reassess your career goals. It's a chance to think about what you truly want to do and where your passion lies.

  6. Always have confidence in your transferrable skills. You might not tick every box in a job ad, but this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be a valuable asset if you have the right experience.

With the current market conditions and the recent redundancies within the tech industry, Estelle knows that many people are going through what she did.

She says, “But I want to remind everyone that this is an opportunity. Finding a new job or starting a new career can be challenging, but keeping a positive attitude and finding a balance between job searching and self-care is essential.”

Estelle Ivory – 2 min read