Diversity and Inclusion: It’s More Than a Policy

Larissa Lefevre, 4 min read

As a Senior Manager within the People & Culture team at Atturra, I am passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion within the IT industry. I’m proud to report that the programs and initiatives underway at Atturra actively demonstrate our organisational commitment to inclusive practices – and they really do make a difference.

An inclusive culture

In line with our commitment to fostering an inclusive culture, we actively support the LGBTQIA+ community. Our internal Pride Chapter is crucial in creating a safe and secure environment where everyone feels valued and respected. Not only do we embrace the power of inclusion by celebrating the diversity of backgrounds and identities, but we also actively draw on people’s diverse viewpoints and experiences to expand our professional perspectives and approaches.

Supporting our women

As noted in a previous article, improving gender ratios in ICT organisations is essential. We run internal programs to invest in and encourage women to learn, lead and excel.


We run the Women Rising Program with our Gold Partner Microsoft, which provides leadership training specifically designed to draw out common challenges faced by women in tech leadership. Through this program, our female employees can enhance their skills, gain confidence and embrace leadership roles. We firmly believe empowering women within our organisation contributes to their personal growth and success. We see women who have completed this course at Atturra thriving, and quickly putting into practice what they’ve learned.

Within the Atturra Cloud Business Solutions business unit, we have a comprehensive Career Development Program that focuses on supporting the advancement of all employees, with an emphasis on creating opportunities for women. General Manager, Estelle Ivory, has played a pivotal role in providing mentorship and succession planning for several women within Atturra. As a result, there has been an increase in retention and promotion of females within the business, women stepping up to mentor others, and an improvement in assertive communication, negotiation, and presentation skills.

We have also established the Pathways Program to recognise women’s challenges in returning to work after a career break. This program aims to ease the transition and support women as they reintegrate into the workforce. We understand the importance of addressing issues such as superannuation balance discrepancies and workplace discrimination. The Pathways Program provides a nurturing environment that encourages inclusivity and reduces barriers to career growth.

Influencing our future workforce

We embrace diversity and inclusion, not only within our current workplace, but also in paving the way for our future workforce. By actively promoting greater diversity, we aim to cultivate an environment that fosters innovation, creativity, and a stronger sense of community.

Atturra proudly supports Code Like a Girl, a non-profit organisation that provides education and career pathways for women in technology. This partnership enables us to contribute to the broader IT community’s diversity and inclusion efforts. By collaborating with this organisation, we actively promote and encourage women’s participation in the tech industry.

Atturra is also proud to sponsor Women in ICT (WIC), an organisation dedicated to empowering and advancing women in technology. By supporting WIC, we actively contribute to their initiatives, events and programs that provide valuable networking opportunities, professional development, and mentorship.

In 2023, we joined the flagship WIC work experience program. This involves hosting students in different parts of our business to show them the many interesting aspects of technology, in the hope that more young women will consider a career in ICT.

Atturra’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the IT industry aligns perfectly with our mission. Atturra’s programs and initiatives empower women and create a welcoming environment where they can thrive. We deeply appreciate their sponsorship and collaboration in advancing gender equality in the tech sector.” – Tara Searle, WIC President

Our efforts are ongoing

At Atturra, we are proud of our progress in promoting an inclusive and supportive culture, but we recognise, there is always more work to be done. Making long-lasting change is about getting into the trenches, having constructive conversations that challenge biases and privilege. We will continue striving to make our workplace a genuine place of diversity where everyone is celebrated, valued and supported.

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