A Culture of Possibility: Levelling Up

Greg Mace, 5 min read

The breadth of Atturra’s end-to-end capability has significantly enhanced over the last 12 months, with business units seeing more significant collaboration opportunities. Collectively, the organisation is finding new and more innovative solutions, leveraging a broader range of leading technology partnerships, and delivering solid and sustainable results.

A Culture of Possibility: Levelling Up

Greg Mace, Executive General Manager, shares how some refined internal tactics and attitudes focused on collaboration and grit are reaping client rewards.

1. We get in and get it done

Grit, determination and perseverance drive our work. No new portal, data transformation or cloud optimisation project is too hard for us. The overarching attitude is that of ‘getting it done’. This isn’t new for us, yet our clients repeatedly appreciate it in our delivery.

2. Fostering a winning team culture

Our project team mirrors the dynamics of a sports team, prioritising teamwork over familial bonds. With clear roles and their impact on our collective goals, we successfully leverage individual strengths. We’re fortunate to tap into a diverse talent pool across the business to facilitate this approach. This collaborative culture tackles challenges with unwavering support, much like rehabilitating an injury. Like in sport, each member’s well-being and contributions are crucial for a successful journey.

3. Our client is part of the team

In our agile methodology, having an engaged product owner is essential. To achieve the best results, we value the dependable expertise the client’s team contributes. Hence, each project requires at least one knowledgeable product representative. We actively avoid any ‘us versus them’ mindset – everyone is an integral part of the team.

4. Leveraging diversity of experience

Effective leaders leverage their team’s strengths and expertise, providing coaching and guidance. However, not all leaders adopt a front-and-centre approach. My leadership approach tends to be more reflective and steadfast. I acknowledge that each team member brings a unique style and diverse range of experiences to the table, a concept essential for cultivating innovative ideas. Through a transformational leadership lens, I aim to nurture these diverse contributions for collective growth.

5. We’re not limited by what we’ve done before

With our breadth of capability across Atturra, all teams can rethink the projects we pitch for. We are no longer pigeonholed into a type or style of project or a usual market. We’re excited to come together to achieve the best outcome for both corporate and government clients. We have built our technology pillars and can now broaden our delivery.

6. We value respect and honesty

At a recent planning day, our team had the chance to foster new connections and learn from each other. We also reflected on our previous year and set targets for the years ahead. Respect is one of Atturra’s values, so we encouraged a frank discussion about the organisation’s pathway forward. This honesty, transparency and authenticity flow through to our clients.

A final note…

As Atturra’s journey continues towards innovation and collaboration, these insights encapsulate the organisation’s relentless pursuit of excellence. With expanded capabilities, a cohesive team culture, and a client-centric approach, Atturra stands poised to redefine the landscape of possibilities. By embracing diverse experiences and fostering transformative leadership, the path ahead will hopefully be one of remarkable growth and client success.

About the author

Greg Mace, an accomplished technology leader with over two decades of experience, is the Executive General Manager for Cloud Business Solutions at Atturra. Greg leads the delivery of Microsoft solutions and services to various industries, including Defence, Federal Government, and commercial sectors. Greg values diverse contributions, transformative growth, and has a client-centric mindset, exemplifying a commitment to excellence. To connect with Greg, email him at greg.mace@atturra.com or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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