9 May 2024 | Oshadha Ranaweera, 5 min read
Third-Party Risk: A Growing Threat in Today's Interconnected World

In today’s interconnected world, companies rely on a vast network of third-party vendors, suppliers, contractors, and partners to deliver products, services, and expertise.
While this intricate web of relationships fuels innovation and efficiency, it also exposes organisations to a hidden threat, third-party risk.

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12 April 2024 | Ian Quartermaine, 6 min read
Leveraging Modern Data Analytics in Schools

Data analytics has a fundamental role to play in helping teachers and school administrators make better decisions. One of the big questions likely to be on the agenda for school leaders around the country this year is whether a shift from diagnostic to predictive analytics in schools would be beneficial. With one of the positives being early intervention before issues become evident.

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21 March 2024 | Ian Quartermaine, 4 min read
Getting Wiser with your School ICT Resources

School ICT departments across the country are dealing with an increasing portfolio of responsibilities.The School ICT (run in QLD & VIC) has identified 28 separate system management areas, and this doesn’t include emerging technologies like AI. To anecdotally back this up, some IT managers within the education industry profess that they’re responsible for “anything that plugs into a wall”.

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14 March 2024 | Petar Bielovich, 6 min read
Factors to Consider Before Deploying AI in Your Business

With the pace of artificial intelligence (AI) development showing no sign of slowing, attention is now moving to the benefits and opportunities it can deliver.


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14 March 2024 | David Griffith, 4 min read
Data Foundations and the Business-Led Revolution in AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming organisations globally, and traditional paradigms are being upended in favour of a more dynamic and business-centric approach. Atturra stands at the forefront of this change, harnessing AI’s potential through a deep emphasis on solid data foundations and a shift in strategy from a technology-led to a business-led approach to managing data.

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6 March 2024 | Ian Quartermaine, 6 min read
Adopting Emerging Technologies within the School Sector

Just as important as managing technology is keeping pace with it. The launch in late 2022 of Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, aka ChatGPT, thrust artificial intelligence squarely into the spotlight and it has remained there ever since.

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30 January 2024 | Peter Murphy, 6 min read
Strategic Priorities for Australia’s Water Utilities in 2024

Facing a rapidly growing population and long-term climate change, Australia’s water utilities are bracing for increased demand from both households and businesses in the years ahead. They understand that any supply restrictions or disruptions could have serious consequences.

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