| Ian Quartermaine, 6 min read

Adopting Emerging Technologies Within the School Sector

Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t the only emerging technology on the mind of school leadership, however it certainly is the most pervasive one at the moment. While schools grapple with AI, there are other technologies that also warrant a mention. Atturra’s Senior Consultant Ian Quartermaine provides his perspective on where schools should be focusing their attention when it comes to emerging technologies.

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| Geethanjali Michalik, 5 min read

How School Teachers Can Stay Ahead of the AI Curve

Artificial intelligence (AI) is proving to be both a blessing and a curse for a variety of sectors, and for schools it’s no different. In this article one of Atturra’s senior consultants Geethanjali Michalik touches on the important role teachers must play in educating their students on the ethical use of AI technology.

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| Peter Murphy, 6 min read

Strategic Priorities for Australia’s Water Utilities in 2024

Facing a rapidly growing population and long-term climate change, Australia’s water utilities are bracing for increased demand from both households and businesses in the years ahead. They understand that any supply restrictions or disruptions could have serious consequences.

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| Ganesh Nagasamy, Chief Architect, Atturra Data & Integration

Transforming NDIS services for a better client experience

A recent report by NDIS Review Working together to deliver the NDIS contains 26 recommendations and 139 integrated actions to make the system more sustainable.

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| Brett Auton, 6 min read

Using EdTech to Close Education Gaps

Famous French sociologist Emile Durkheim once said, “Education is the only image and reflection of society”. In other words, the inequalities we see in broader society filter down into our education system. Education technology (or edtech) is a valuable tool our Australian education system can leverage to close that gap.

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| Amanda Healy, 5 min read

Smarter Student Journeys and Stronger Cybersecurity for Higher Education in 2024

While 2023 saw the return to ‘normal service’ at many of the country’s higher education institutions – international enrolments have rebounded, and in-person learning has regained popularity – the fall-out from the Covid-19 crisis continues to be felt.

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| Brett Auton, 5 min read

Seven ICT Challenges Australian Schools Must Face in 2024

That it’s been a very tricky few years for our nation’s K-12 schools is something of an understatement. After the almost-two-year disruption that was Covid-19, teachers have been left to pick up the pieces, which has meant helping students assimilate into school routines and in most cases an in-person learning environment, catching cohorts up on learning they missed, and setting workable parameters around the use of the ICT systems and devices that have become integral to the teaching and learning experience.

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