Saving Time and Money is Only Half The Story With Application Managed Services

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A variety of industries are increasingly using managed services, for their business applications on-prem or in the cloud as they can offer better client outcomes, such as improved business agility and accelerated growth.

Save time and money

Benefits of using an Application Managed Services provider

1. Relieves the burden of SLA and KPI accountability

The scope of CTOs and CIOs continues to expand as enterprises face increasing demands around customer experience, cyber security, and shareholder expectations. Running in-house support teams places the responsibility of meeting SLAs and KPIs squarely on an organisation’s shoulders. Depending on a project or business area’s size, this could mean managing vast numbers of people across multiple time zones, applications, and platforms.

Shifting the accountability to an experienced Application Managed Services’ provider with deep product or domain expertise reduces the operational burden. Additionally, many AMS providers offer fees-at-risk structures linked to achievement of SLAs or KPIs.

Giving an AMS provider end-to-end accountability allows companies to deliver stable, effective and optimised services with greater ease and enables them to focus on other more valuable work. Because after all, the CTO and CIO’s role is not about keeping the lights on, it’s about enabling and driving innovation and strategic initiatives.

2. Reduces total cost of ownership and increases capability

Price increases and delivery uncertainty for IT services are expected to last well into 2023. IT leaders continually look for ways to lower costs without sacrificing reliability, availability or performance. Application Managed Services can reduce your organisation’s total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase capabilities.

Your ideal Application Managed Services provider understands your unique requirements and is focused on outcomes.

By accessing an AMS provider’s scale, a company can typically expect:

  • less downtime and increased revenue
  • more predictable costs
  • lower data storage and business administration costs
  • easier access to support.

All the while improving your technology suite’s efficiency, security, and functionality.

3. Solves the talent shortage dilemma while offering quality assurance

The talent shortage in the tech industry is well-documented. Every firm is struggling to attract and retain the right expertise to manage their tech. Having an in-house IT team also comes with costs related to recruitment, employment overheads and ongoing training and certifications.

When organisations use an Application Managed Services provider, these processes, problems, and associated overheads disappear. For AMS providers to guarantee achieving SLAs and KPIs, they must deploy experienced teams, which means organisations can benefit from a higher quality than typical in-house expertise.

Outsourcing the management of your applications reaps big benefits

For optimal results and return on investment, companies must move away from doing everything inhouse to shifting responsibility of their applications to a trusted partner. By implementing appropriate oversight and governance, organisations can evolve their in-house teams to astutely employ different service models especially ones where their partners can help them accelerate innovation while minimising IT risk.

Choosing the right partner

When an organisation decides to engage an AMS provider, it should look for flexibility, scalability, and deep expertise in its chosen technologies, something Atturra is known for.

Atturra provides Application Managed Services for business applications such as:

  • ERP, CRM and ECM on prem or in the cloud
  • Microsoft D365, PowerPlatform and Azure
  • TechnologyOne
  • QAD
  • Infor

As a sovereign, Australian advisory and IT solutions provider, we offer onshore, centralised management and a single point of contact, so you have local people taking decisive action every day.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large enterprise, we offer reliable, end-to-end Application Managed Services with flexible tiering, providing support, certainty across your costs, and quality — delivered as promised.

Talk to our specialists today for more information.

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