Making the Business Case for Upgrading your QAD to the Cloud

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If it’s not broken, then why fix it? That’s the question some clients ask when they consider upgrading their QAD Standard Edition (SE) to QAD Adaptive ERP. Their version still works, the cost of ownership is low, and staff know how to use it.

But if the last few years have taught Australian manufacturers anything, it’s that they must be able to manage ever-changing disruptions at short notice. Having the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology to more easily manage processes, people, and products can be the difference between companies that survive and those that thrive.


Unfortunately, QAD SE has many limitations compared to the current version and support is now greatly restricted. From March 2025 SE support will end. Another factor to consider is incompatibility with other software, leaving it open to risks more significant than many realise.

Opportunities with QAD Adaptive Solutions

One of the biggest hurdles for manufacturers is the legwork involved in building a business case to support a possible upgrade. A Process and Systems Assessment (PSA) by Atturra is a convenient and practical way to identify opportunities within your existing QAD and additional opportunities and benefits gained by upgrading.

Run by a senior consultant with decades of QAD experience across scores of manufacturing businesses, a PSA evaluates your effective use of QAD. The final report sets out dozens of recommendations. Specifically, we will identify an issue, make a recommendation, provide estimates of cost and benefit, and outline the next steps.

It is usual that some recommendations made during the assessment can be immediately implemented at no additional cost. The savings from these recommendations often cover the cost of the PSA before you even receive the report.

Seven Benefits of Cloud-Based ERP QAD for Manufacturers

Strategically upgrading is always preferable to reactive upgrading, so if that’s where you’re headed, get in touch, and we can perform a PSA. Alternatively, here are some common benefits you could include in your business case.

  1. Greater agility and adaptability

    There are thousands of additional features in QAD Adaptive Solutions compared to SE. Modern, cloud-based manufacturing ERPs now support companies to respond to change much faster, delivering fit over time by rapidly supporting new business requirements and overcoming disruptions to the supply chain.

  2. Improved data security

    With cyber-attacks rising, older, on-premise servers with out-of-date security patches and unsupported software are more open and vulnerable to hackers. Updating your ERP online decreases these risks and strengthens your brand’s trust with customers, suppliers and the Board.

  3. Reduced employee turnover

    Labour shortages are well documented. Employees today want the tools and technology to do their jobs effectively. Manufacturers that attract and retain the best talent provide these for their staff.

  4. Remaining competitive

    Failing to embrace industry best practices or leveraging new technology will eventually see manufacturers lose business to their competitors. It will become impossible to compete on price, speed or service with old technology and systems.

  5. Support and drive growth

    Go from idea to implementation in a fraction of the time. Today’s technology can support and drive growth in manufacturing like never before. It is much easier to adapt, scale, automate and respond quickly to the changes in your operating environment.

  6. Manage costs

    In the current climate, anywhere manufacturers can reduce direct and indirect costs is an advantage. Upgrading to QAD Adaptive Solutions means manufacturers gain process efficiencies, reduce the risk of data breaches and downtime, and increase the growth of business and market share by more accurately managing costs.

  7. Elevate customer experience and service

    Today’s customer expects more for less. The latest ERP technologies help manufacturers deliver this. Improve your supplier and customer experience to enable more repeat business and greater customer loyalty.

Need help deciding if upgrading your QAD is right for you? Atturra can help you identify your needs and select a solution. Contact us today.

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