| Brett Auton, 6 min read

Applying Student-Centred Learning: Utilising the Microsoft K-12 Education Transformation Framework

Working in and with educational institutions over three decades, I’ve watched technology permeate all aspects and functions in schools. Today, it can be used to not only serve the back-office and administration staff, but to underpin the entire student experience. Because of this, there is an ever-increasing need for schools to be more sophisticated in their approach to IT, regardless of capability, budget, or knowledge.

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| Rob Cheesman, 5 min read

How Manufacturers are Using Technology to Meet Old and New Challenges

Manufacturing is a vital sector of the Australian economy, contributing to 5.4% of GDP1 and employing almost 900,000 people in 2022.2 Though in July of this year Australian manufacturers reported pandemic-era lows. This can be attributed partly to some of the challenges facing the industry, as I discussed at the end of 2022.

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| Craig Somerville, 4 min read

How CIOs can Navigate the Evolving World of AI

Even in a sector where rapid change is the norm, the rate at which artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving has taken many IT professionals by surprise.

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| Greg Mace, 5 min read

A Culture of Possibility: Levelling Up

The breadth of Atturra's end-to-end capability has significantly enhanced over the last 12 months, with business units seeing more significant collaboration opportunities. Collectively, the organisation is finding new and more innovative solutions, leveraging a broader range of leading technology partnerships, and delivering solid and sustainable results.

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| Iain Elliott, 5 min read

The Reluctant Project Manager and the xMO

The traditional PMO function has all but run its course. It's time for the role to evolve into a value-based delivery on the pillars of true agility and a supportive culture. In this article, Iain Elliott, our PMO expert, makes the case for the reluctant PMO to grow into the xMO to unlock growth and deliver value. Read to see how the xMO function can deliver value that aligns with your organisation's strategy and goal.

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| Andrew Balmaks, 7 min read

Defence’s Biggest Capability Limitation is (Arguably) its Workforce

The Defence Strategic Review (DSR) brings into sharp focus the challenges faced by Australia with respect to strategic policy, defence planning and resourcing over the coming decades.

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| Larissa Lefevre, 4 min read

Diversity and Inclusion: It’s More Than a Policy

As a Senior Manager within the People & Culture team at Atturra, I am passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion within the IT industry. I’m proud to report that the programs and initiatives underway at Atturra actively demonstrate our organisational commitment to inclusive practices – and they really do make a difference.

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