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| Atturra - 4 min read

Predicting the future of Quantum Computing

Recent research from the CSIRO has predicted that quantum technology will reach $6 billion and generate more than 19,000 Australian jobs by 20451

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| Atturra – 2 min read

The Value of Change Management

Effective change can be the difference between success and failure for your transformation. 

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| Atturra - 3 min read

Saving Time and Money is Only Half The Story With Application Managed Services

A variety of industries are increasingly using managed services, for their business applications on-prem or in the cloud as they can offer better client outcomes.

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| Atturra – 1 min read

Mapping The Course For Leadership Success

Executive General Manager of Advisory & Consulting, Andrew Balmaks, shares the leadership lessons he learned during his military career.

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