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Transforming the shop floor into a company of the future through QAD Adaptive ERP - the manufacturer’s ERP.

Unlock the opportunities of talent and technology with embedded analytics and key performance indicators. Delivering real-time insights to enable timely micro and macro decisions.

Highly focused in our chosen manufacturing verticals and with deep legacy experience, we equip companies of all sizes to manage uncertainties more smoothly.

Industry solutions

Scale reliably into the future with our proven solutions and industry capabilities.

Tailored ERP

Cloud-based ERP solutions and services specifically tailored to the manufacturing industry.

Expert consulting

Implementation services for QAD, including design, training, integration and data management.

Managed services

Empower your company by integrating our team of QAD experts with yours.


Connect applications and automate manual processes to build a data-connected business.

Change and adoption

Achieve your strategic objectives by preparing your people for a new reality.


Aroa Biosurgery

Client Story

Aroa Biosurgery transforms from start up to mature manufacturing company. 

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