Hive + Wellness Australia


Hive + Wellness Australia has supported Australian beekeeping families for over 65 years. They are dedicated to innovation and quality in bee products, protecting and fostering the growth of the Australian apiculture industry, bee population and our environment. Through a portfolio of strong heritage brands, including Capilano Honey, Barnes Naturals and Wescobee Honey, they share their passion and knowledge of honey, bees and wellness with consumers.

Fast Facts

  • Australian-based manufacturer
  • Alignment to strategic objectives
  • Project completed in 5 months


Two key components of Hive + Wellness Australia’s business strategy were to improve efficiency across its production line and centralise data into one system. While they had successfully used QAD for many years, the latest version included additional modules and services that would better enable them to deliver to their strategy.

Their manufacturing process had developed and changed over time, and there was now a requirement to keep honey test results within the system, so they could easily tie them in with other core processes. Enhancements to QAD’s core functionality could support this requirement without costly bespoke customisation.

They also wanted to leverage QAD’s features, services and updates long term and have the right technology to support future growth plans.

“Atturra were key in making our upgrade project a success. The project was delivered on-time and under budget, despite our tight timeline. This is a credit to the project management and technical teams at Atturra. Post-upgrade technical support was awesome and helped us to resolve issues quickly and to share knowledge at a detailed level.”

Mark Behne,
Chief Financial Officer, Hive + Wellness


Having partnered with Atturra for almost 20 years, Hive + Wellness Australia felt very comfortable working together on the project. They had confidence it would be handled with care and professionalism due to Atturra’s extensive manufacturing knowledge, intimate understanding of the Hive + Wellness business and solid grasp of their unique requirements.

A collaborative approach created high engagement across the project and ensured best practices were implemented to mitigate any issues from process reviews. Enhancements to core capability, such as Production Orders, were easily configured to reduce the impact and disruption on production users. Processes were able to remain unchanged, lessening the training burden for staff.

Outcomes achieved

Bringing our vast experience in both the Australian manufacturing industry and QAD implementations and upgrades, meant we could provide trusted guidance, allowing our client to reduce reliance on external systems and manual tasks.

As a result of this project, Hive + Wellness Australia has improved efficiency and increased the visibility of its data, so its people can now make more informed decisions and continually tweak processes to achieve even greater production line optimisation.

The new solution provides the foundation to achieve their strategic objectives and confidently take their business into the future.

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