The Man Shake
Scope of work

About the Client

The Man Shake is a nutrition and health diet firm founded in Australia. They currently operate in three different cities around the continent and bring in a total of AU$120 million in revenue annually.

The organisation has as many as 250 employees, of whom 70 are regular users of information technology.


The new work models that arose in 2020 highlighted critical business concerns that needed to be resolved quickly.

The Man Shake staff needed the ability to work from home, from the office, and on-the-go. This was a major shift in the way that the business typically functioned.

The company’s primary focus was to enhance the general IT operations within the organisation by formalising processes and standardising procedures. They also wanted to guarantee that all of their systems and data could be reliably secured.

Fast Facts

  • Changing work environments
  • End-to-end device management
  • Secure Cloud storage
  • Upgraded over 25 machines and essential networking hardware
  • Virtualised on-premise ERP server
  • Service Desk


While The Man Shake had good general IT operations, they lacked formalised processes. This was fairly common in the old “in office” work model. However, it could not scale to meet the new demands of flexible business operations.

The Man Shake realised that expanding their existing in-house IT staff to meet the demands wasn’t a feasible option. Not only would it be prohibitively expensive, but they couldn’t guarantee the outcomes would be achieved in the time frame required.

Consequently, The Man Shake was looking for a business partner with high levels of agility, trustworthiness and the ability to act quickly.

“Everything we do from an IT perspective needs to have growth in mind, and that’s why we’re using Atturra, who will scale with us.”

Nathan Hesse,
Technology and Transformation Director, The Man Shake


A Modern Workplace implementation transformed The Man Shake with its robust design and end-to-end device management solution. This comprehensive remote work solution ensures everything is totally connected and completely secure, with round-the-clock IT support that goes beyond the help desk.

The partnership with Atturra enabled The Man Shake to put processes in place to move their product offerings to a unified Office365 tenancy. Microsoft offered seamless integration, allowing Man Shake to go further by performing a much-needed hardware refresh for the environment.

The on-premises ERP server was virtualised, and the business applications were transferred to the same Microsoft 365 tenant as the partner company. In addition, all of the files were transferred to a secure cloud storage facility so that remote workers could access them regardless of where they were physically located. Atturra Managed Services significantly upgraded their network by replacing over 25 machines along with essential networking hardware and connectivity.

Finally, Atturra agreed to manage the IT support helpline to free up The Man Shake team from the burden of handling daily ticketing concerns. This was all accomplished with the highest security standards.

Outcomes achieved

Not only was the technology implementation a success, but the practical effects within The Man Shake organisation were enhanced dramatically.

The implementation of the Modern Workplace resulted in:

  • Reassurance that most of the cybersecurity concerns are being addressed effectively and promptly.
  • Improved IT operations and infrastructure, leading to increased business efficiencies, employee experience, satisfaction, and retention.
  • The performance of Atturra’s Modern Workplace also lowered expenses associated with helpdesk operations.
  • An extraordinary transformation in business operations and culture, the company could focus its attention on more important and pressing business initiatives within the new working environment.


  • Microsoft 365
  • HP Hardware refresh

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