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Moorabool Shire is located 40 km west of Melbourne’s CBD, and the municipality contains 64 settlements ranging from small towns, hamlets and farms to larger districts. It has a population of over 36,000 citizens, and this is forecast to double in the next 20 years. Moorabool Shire Council exists to co-design local solutions that create an inspiring place for its citizens to live and enable its communities to prosper now and into the future.

The front of Moorabool Council's building, Victoria.

Fast Facts

  • Technical Consulting & Advisory
  • Business Applications
  • Integration Services for RapidAP Solution
  • 6-week project delivery

“This was the most challenging technology project our team had been a part of, with many moving parts. However, it was delivered seamlessly, and we could start paying suppliers from day one. We chose to work with Atturra because we were confident in their ability to deliver based on previous projects. Their knowledge of TechnologyOne and how it supported our AP function was invaluable, and their strong partnership with Efficiency Leaders was a benefit.”

James Hogan,
Finance Manager, Moorabool Shire Council


Moorabool Shire Council faced several challenges within their Accounts Payable (AP) area.

Their systems were slow after a recent move to SaaS for TechnologyOne while operating on the old CI environment. The volume of invoices that needed processing had steadily increased as the shire’s population grew, and the team was struggling to absorb the extra work. Finally, changes in the organisation had resulted in significant key person risk.

They engaged Atturra and its technology partner, Efficiency Leaders, to implement and integrate a RapidAP automation solution, going live in December 2023.


RapidAP is a cloud-based solution that reduces AP processing costs and time by around 80% and improves data accuracy. Atturra and Moorabool Shire Council selected it due to its modern look and feel, ease of use, and suitability for integration with the new TechnologyOne environment.

Atturra’s business applications specialists worked closely with the teams at Moorabool Shire Council and Efficiency Leaders to design, configure, automate, integrate, and deploy the solution.

After determining the AP solution’s requirements, Efficiency Leaders configured and deployed it as a baseline configuration. The automation processes required to support the new application and functionality were built, and Atturra focused on the backend integration into TechnologyOne.

Collaborating with Moorabool Shire Council for system integration and user acceptance testing, the project was completed on time in a six-week period, and within budget.

Outcomes achieved

The council experienced a smooth transition to RapidAP and benefits were seen from day one of going live. With invoices now being automatically processed, the AP team has been freed up one day per week. AP staff no longer have to work overtime, reducing stress and enabling an improved working environment.

They’ve also seen improved accuracy, so invoices do not require the same level of checking and vetting, which has saved an additional day per week, freeing up staff to do other more important tasks.

The fully digital system has significantly increased visibility, making it quick and easy to find and check the status of any invoice in the system. Reporting has also become faster and more accurate and has helped to strengthen communication with the broader finance team.

The proactive partnership with Atturra enables the Accounts Payable team to perform their function more effectively and leverage new technologies and innovation now and in the future.


  • TechnologyOne ERP
  • Efficiency Leaders – RapidAP

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