Victoria University


Victoria University (VU) is one of only six dual-sector Universities in Australia, providing courses to both Higher Education (HE) and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) students.

Ranked in the top 3% of Universities worldwide, VU has campuses in Melbourne’s CBD, Melbourne Western Region, and Sydney. It has six academic colleges, six research institutes, seven research centres and the Victoria Polytechnic, which provides vocational education and training (VET). It also offers courses at partner institutions throughout Asia.

Fast Facts

  • More than 40,000 enrolled students across Higher Education and VET.
  • Converted 20 years of student lifecycle data and academic history, equalling millions of records.
  • Went live in August 2022 to cover the full student lifecycle, including Admissions, Enrolment, Results, Student Financials, Curriculum, and Graduate Research.
  • Significant development to address the existing University custom student portal solution.


In 2019, VU’s Polytechnic implemented the TechnologyOne Student Management solution on the SaaS platform System for its 10,000 VET students. The platform provided efficiencies and streamlined business processes.

VU’s Higher Education students remained on the University’s existing Student Management System, Callista. The University had the expense and overheads of running two platforms and in 2020, made the decision to migrate the Higher Education students to the same TechnologyOne Student Management System.

As well as being 3x the size of the VU Polytechnic vocational education migration, there were additional technical complexities to consider. VU wanted to keep its custom-built student portal—MyVU, and admissions portal—GoToVU, which meant additional integration solutions were needed to work with TechnologyOne. A correspondence module was required, as well as the need to develop reports in the new system.

VU worked with Atturra from April 2021 to receive functional and technical expertise, including business process design assistance, data conversion, system integration, reporting, and correspondence.


Working alongside VU’s project team, Atturra played a significant role in the successful delivery of the project over 18 months. A well-established relationship between VU and Atturra made collaboration with all business areas seamless.

The Atturra team provided technical proficiency and knowledge of large-scale application integrations, which also assisted VU in raising the professional standards of the overall project.

Moving MyVU, the University’s existing transactional student portal, across to TechnologyOne Student Management System was a critical part of the implementation. The Atturra team worked closely with VU’s IT department to ensure a smooth student experience after go-live. They also collaborated to develop an automated correspondence module that used extract, transform and load (ETL) from TechnologyOne and sent it straight through to the University’s CRM system.

The scale of this project was an immense undertaking, and having trusted Atturra people by their side gave VU peace of mind that they had the specialist skills and expertise they needed to achieve their objectives.

“Overall, Atturra’s engagement with the Student One Consolidation Project at Victoria University was a great success. Their dedication and knowledge were instrumental in helping to make it a success, and their collaborative approach and willingness to adapt solutions made them an invaluable part of the team.”

Grant Fink,
Technical Project Manager, Victoria University

Outcomes Achieved

VU’s successful implementation of TechnologyOne Student Management System enabled them to streamline operations, with the entire business now running on a single solution. They have transformed 20 years of data into a single source of truth that improves compliance reporting, reduces costs and enhances the student and staff experience. They now have the right solution to support all students for the next decade and beyond.


  • TechnologyOne Student Management System

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