Department of Education
Scope of work
Higher Education


To help create the National Education Evidence Base (NEEB), the Department of Education required a secure platform to integrate data from siloed sources.

Atturra Cloud & Applications delivered a secure Data Integration Platform to produce ‘data products’ and make these easily accessible, primarily via a managed Application Program Interface (API).

Fast Facts

  • A single secure source of education data to inform evidence-based education policy
  • Solution build within Education’s Enterprise Cloud Platform to save time
  • Flexible integration platform
  • API management


  • The purpose of the NEEB is to offer a better understanding of the education system’s performance and its impact. This information will support better design and targeting of policy programs for Australians.
  • NEEB will bring together data on all phases of education – early childhood, schooling, VET and higher education – to develop a nationally-consistent approach to understanding student pathways.
  • The Department of Education required a secure platform to bring this lifelong learning information together for analysis. The Data Integration Platform was a key requirement for the success of the NEEB.

The solution uses data services to access data directly, integrate on request and modify based on a user’s security profile.


  • Atturra Cloud & Applications built the Data Integration Platform using Microsoft’s Azure Platform, consistent with the Department of Education’s Enterprise Cloud Platform.
  • The Azure Platform contains a comprehensive suite of Platform as a Service (PaaS) services across both data and integration, allowing Atturra to build specific and customised solutions by configuring and plugging together services supported by Microsoft. The flexibility of the platform provides integrators with a large toolkit with which to solve difficult integration challenges.
  • The Atturra experts worked as an embedded team for the NEEB program.
  • The solution was delivered in an iterative manner under the SAFe methodology. The multidisciplinary team delivered in 2-week sprints, working with the Director and Solution Architect to define delivery outcomes. This delivery strategy took advantage of some of the features of cloud hosting and agile / DevOps methodology.

Outcomes Achieved

  • The solution leveraged the Microsoft Azure Integration and Data Platforms to provide a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective integration platform to meet NEEB requirements today and into the future.
  • Using Azure API Management, this supported the creation of API Gateways and developer portals with the potential for auto-generated API catalogues, documentation and code samples. API Management provides security for APIs delivered both internally and externally via API key management and token validation and rate-limiting for APIs.


Microsoft Technologies used:

  • Azure API Management forthe API Gateway
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Service Fabric

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