Aroa Biosurgery Ltd (AROA) is a soft-tissue regeneration company that develops, manufactures, and distributes medical and surgical products globally to improve healing in complex wounds and soft tissue reconstruction. Their mission is to unlock regenerative healing for everybody.

Founded in 2008, AROA is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand and is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:ARX). The company has regulatory approval in over 50 countries, employs over 270 people and experienced 81% YoY growth in 2022.

Fast Facts

●  4-phase implementation:

  1. Planning & Control – project scoping, key user training, business process modelling and initial testing
  2. Test & Acceptance (User Adoption)
  3. UAT for Operational & Performance qualification
  4. Deployment – end-user training, data load and go live

●  Transformation completed using QAD Adaptive ERP
●  150-200 SKUs


AROA implemented QAD Adaptive ERP (QAD) in the Cloud in 2018, with the initial implementation for their US distribution site to become operational and trade in the US market. The deployment of QAD also required a validated environment to meet strict FDA regulations.

After a successful IPO on the ASX in 2020, AROA reached a critical point. They could no longer sustain their growth trajectory with their existing operational infrastructure. The objective to modernise, standardise processes and systems and improve collaboration became a priority.

AROA teamed up with Atturra to upgrade their existing US site to QAD Adaptive ERP and extend its implementation at their manufacturing site in Auckland. Their goal was to incorporate all business functions—underpinning plans to double their size within the next three years.


“We chose Atturra because of their intricate understanding of manufacturing and their vast implementation experience. Not only did they deliver exactly what was promised, but their collaborative and professional approach to project management and governance also stood out. Their knowledge of QAD and willingness to share it enabled us to overcome challenges, and our decision making benefited greatly from their guidance. I can confidently say Atturra will be our trusted partner and consultant for the evolution of our ERP system for many years to come.”

James Agnew,
Chief Financial Officer, AROA


After looking at several options, AROA decided that QAD and Atturra were the best software and vendor partner to move forward with. Taking a consultative approach from earlier discussions, technical experts from Atturra’s implementation team gave AROA confidence that the software and project would deliver.

Atturra took the time to understand the business requirements in detail before recommending a scope of work that was on point and enabled them to remain flexible for the future.

The implementation of QAD into their New Zealand site included all business functions:

  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • Finance
  • Research
  • Quality

Shared values and a mutual approach enabled the project to overcome the challenges of several personnel changes on both sides. Readily available support meant issues with software—and even a power cut two days before go-live—provided an opportunity for knowledge sharing. Together, Atturra and AROA worked towards resolutions, building skills in-house simultaneously.

Outcomes achieved

AROA’s successful implementation of QAD has significantly improved their business. Atturra’s support allowed them to embrace best-practice business processes and increase their technological maturity.

Moving to QAD brought everyone together on a unified system. It enabled AROA to standardise processes, increase collaboration and reduce manual effort. Removing the time-lagged use of worksheets improved the accuracy and accessibility of critical product, quality and production data. These improvements positively impacted reporting, planning, and customer service effectiveness.

AROA now has the right foundation to scale. They are confidently supported to fulfill their business strategy today and in the future.


● QAD Adaptive ERP (Cloud)

● QAD Adaptive UX (Web UI)

● QAD Enterprise Platform

● Data Lake & Embedded Analytics

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