Australian Government National Recovery and Resilience Agency
Scope of work
Federal and State Government

The National Recovery and Resilience Agency was created to strengthen the Australian Government’s ability to support recovery from disasters and emergencies of national significance, and to build resilience.

About the Client

To support the newly formed National Recovery and Resilience Agency, a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system was developed by Atturra Cloud & Applications.

The cloud-based system was designed to ensure the Agency’s Regional Recovery
Officers – who are out and about in communities affected by flood, drought and bushfire, sometimes with limited network connectivity – can stay connected to the latest information relevant to a particular affected region. The system also manages the interactions with insurance agencies, banks, and Federal and State departments offering grants and other support.

The platform uses Dynamics 365 for CRM, relying on its out-of-the-box capabilities to provide easy access to the system.

Fast Facts

  • CRM to provide a strong digital foundation for the new agency as a ‘single source of truth’ to support those affected by extreme weather events, such as drought and flood.
  • Solution architecture developed during discovery and design.
  • Third party integrations, including Australian Business Register, Maptaskr and AddressFinder.
  • Privacy obligations at the centre of the design.
  • CRM provides trip planning and marketing capabilities.
  • Minimal Viable Product launched December 2020, followed by beta version in February 2021.


For those affected by major climate events, there were some common pain points to address, including people having difficulty accessing service information and having to repeat their stories of hardship to different agencies and providers.

A centralised database was needed to capture information from a variety of sources to build and maintain stakeholder relationships, particularly for the Agency’s Regional Recovery Officers – the on the – ground workers.

The CRM needed to provide a holistic view of a person’s journey in real time and be used to identify trends, gaps in services, and success stories during recovery, and resilience building following a disaster event.

“This solution is a classic example of how a CRM can transform the way an organisation operates. A single view of the organisation’s data delivery drives efficiencies in decision-making anywhere, anytime, and provides access to a comprehensive source of information. Using a centralised Dynamics 365 ensures Agency personnel can plan their trips to coordinate engagement activities for disaster affected stakeholders. The Recovery CRM solution enables the Agency to meet community members efficiently and have all the information they need to expedite community access to support services.”

Greg Mace
Atturra Cloud Business Solutions


Cloud’s ability to flex and scale was essential so the CRM system could cope with the sudden onslaught of demand following a flood, bushfire or as drought takes hold. In the days and weeks after such an event, an accurate picture of the on-ground situation must be conveyed to the government and supporting bodies making critical decisions based on that information.

Dynamics 365 supported the centralised capture of information from a variety of sources, as well as a summary of each affected person’s situation.

The CRM also offered the ability to plan a trip for regional visits, including visibility of stakeholders along a route.

Outcomes achieved

The Agency can now collect information about the stakeholders in a region who would need to be involved with any on-the-ground response following a flood, fire or drought.
Over time, a more detailed understanding of the situation and improved access to data through.

Dynamics 365 will help enhance the government’s response to major disasters.

The insights stored in the system help people at the grassroots level find and connect with information.


Microsoft and other technologies used:

  • Dynamics 365
  • Dataflex Pro
  • Microsoft Forms Pro
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Maptaskr
  • AddressFinder

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