Metro Trains
Federal and State Government

A major urban rail network that supports 400,000 travellers every day, prepares to deliver city-shaping rail infrastructure projects by readying its people for change.

About The Client

Metro Trains is the Victorian-based franchise operator of Mebourne’s suburban rail network, transporting over 400,000 customers every day. Along with supporting the delivery of this essential service, Metro is partnering with the Victorian Government to deliver city-shaping rail infrastructure projects as part of the Victoria’s $70b Big Build.

Business Opportunity

As part of a business-wide technology roadmap, this retailer chose Microsoft D365 as its new ERP system for select business units. With a goal to centralise systems, simplify processes and reduce manual interventions, it was clear that change management would play an integral role in ensuring the business and its people were ready, willing and capable to adopt this significant change to their ways of working.

Atturra Solutions

Areas identified for improvement included a consistent model and associated tools; educating project managers and leaders to support and promote effective change management practice and better collaboration between practitioners to enable problem solving and peer learning.

A key focus of the Atturra team was to engage extensively with subject matter experts, key stakeholders and change sponsors. Not only did this build awareness of the OPCM project, but it contributed to people’s desire to engage with and contribute to the process. This had a positive impact on their willingness to work with the methodology and apply the OPCM toolkit.

Atturra developed a set of robust and practical tools and templates to support sizing, resourcing, analysis, planning, development, delivery, and monitoring of people change projects, accessible via a dedicated SharePoint site with supporting materials to guide practitioners in their application, and covered:

Change Capability Roadmap
A program of targeted initiatives for leaders and practitioners to embed the methodology and approach across the business.

Change Capability Framework & Learning Portal
Developed core and specialist Change Management capabilities for Metro’s Capability Framework to guide the recruitment and development of employees, leaders and change practitioners, supported by curated learning content to enable just-in-time learning of essential change management concepts

Expanded Change Community of Practice
Created a highly engaged, integrated forum of 40+ change practitioners and people business partners with a focus on best practice change management

Atturra’s Change Lead worked closely with change practitioners, People Business Partners and senior leaders from across the business during the design and development phases of this project from October 2019 – June 2020.

Key outcomes

This project has provided a sound foundation for Metro to build its people change maturity, both at the practitioner and organisational level, including:

  • A common understanding of and increased support for people change management by executives and senior leaders within Projects, Operations and Corporate functions.
  • An integrated, accessible toolkit tailored to support People Change projects of any size or complexity, including Organisational Design and Agile initiatives.
  • Improved knowledge of people change management practice by People Business Partners and Change Practitioners.

Atturra Advantage

  • Early and continuous engagement across key functions is was an important contributor to driving behavioural change.
  • Partnering with the People team provided organisation-wide exposure and enabled embedding of change management as a key capability.
  • Building and leveraging relationships with key supporters and organizational influencers increases advocacy and created momentum for action.

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