De Bortoli Wines


De Bortoli Wines was founded over 95 years ago and is now the sixth-largest winery in Australia, operating estates across five Australian winemaking regions. It exports to 70 countries globally, with bottling plant operations in Europe and distribution in the UK. De Bortoli Wines has received awards and accolades for its approach to sustainability. It is committed to zero-waste wine and working towards a future where great wine and a healthy environment can be enjoyed by everyone.

Fast Facts

  • Family owned Australian beverage manufacturer
  • Import and export
  • Upgrade to QAD Adaptive ERP with Adaptive UX
  • Extracting value for sustained competitive advantage

“The real value of an integrated solution across multiple business units is visibility—across grapes, wine-making, bottling, logistics, and all the way to the consumer. Atturra was critical in the upgrade process. The team was extremely knowledgeable and fully understood the system’s capabilities. They provided the changes we needed at both a business and technical level, and the training they delivered to staff enabled us to maximise the system’s effectiveness.”

Bill Robertson,
CIO, De Bortoli Wines


De Bortoli Wines operates a complex vertically and horizontally integrated business model encompassing wine production and distribution from grape to glass.

Involved in every part of the wine industry, it thinks of itself as not just a single company but as a collection of distinct businesses that grow grapes and make, package, warehouse, transport, and sell wine—including direct-to-consumer through physical stores and online.

De Bortoli Wine’s horizontal integration includes sourcing, buying and selling grapes and bulk wines, shipping bulk wine overseas for bottling, importing and exporting wine, and joint venture products. Additionally, it buys and sells logistics and warehousing services.

Having control of the whole supply chain gave De Bortoli Wines a strategic edge, but to extract its full value and gain a competitive advantage, information needed to flow end-to-end. The company also recognised that its needs would continue to evolve and wanted to ensure its ERP and user experience (UX) were equally agile.

As a long-standing IT solutions partner, De Bortoli Wines engaged Atturra to drive its upgrade of QAD Adaptive ERP with Adaptive UX.


For over 20 years, the company has been leveraging QAD Adaptive ERP’s capabilities to more easily navigate the complexities of its vertically and horizontally integrated business,

Building its agribusiness just-in-time scheduling and incorporating it into its winemaking process allows De Bortoli Wines to interconnect quality, compliance, and optimisation and provide a basis for sustained competitive advantage.

An Adaptive UX solution enabled De Bortoli to solve its issues around integrating various parts of the organisation by bringing all the disparate pieces of information and software into one cohesive ERP, helping to support its vision of sustainability.

Collaborating closely with the winemaker’s large inhouse team, and QAD, Atturra supported change management efforts, providing training on new functionality and helping ensure the long-term success of the upgrade.

Atturra’s extensive manufacturing knowledge also enabled De Bortoli to implement non-intrusive customisations, allowing them to continue regularly upgrading to the latest features and security without having to re-engineer the changes in the system.

Outcomes achieved

With information flowing freely throughout its winemaking systems, traceability from the vineyard to the manufacturing plant, right down to the bottle has improved the quality of the end product.

Capabilities like online spray diaries have positively impacted compliance, and De Bortoli Wines and its growers have gained efficiencies through just-in-time scheduling of grapes that optimise deliveries.

Leveraging technology across De Bortoli Wine’s business units has enabled the company to reach its goal of extracting competitive value across the supply chain. With QAD Adaptive UX as a foundational component of harmonising business processes and systems, De Bortoli Wines is now prepared for whatever the future may bring.


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