Not-for-profit NDIS provider
Scope of work

Leading NDIS provider transformed customer experience by consolidating Financial and CRM systems.

Key Challenges

  • Multiple financial systems and customer data repositories were performing overlapping functions.
  • Customer data was in three separate systems, and sometimes different in each system for a single customer.
  • No synchronization between the systems making it hard to respond to emergencies.
  • As a result, the organisation was unable to locate accurate customer data quickly.

Atturra Boomi Solution

  • The client was using multiple systems for Financial Management (TCM and Procura) and for CRM (AutumnCare and ComCare).
  • Using Boomi as a middleware, Atturra consolidated all these systems.
  • Our consultants led their integrations with MS FinOps and MS Dynamics CRM.
  • Delivered integration project including expertise on tasks across the full integration lifecycle
  • Selected Boomi as iPaaS to provide improved maintainability and more effective support of the integration landscape.

“(Golden Record) within Boomi MDH for support workers, which has made the jobs of our tech teams easier and made the lives of our carers and clients much better. Their team brought in a thorough and strategic approach with superior DevOps capabilities.”

Chief Architect

Key Outcomes

  • Atturra Technical Architects captured “as-is” and designed the “to-be” versions of interface flow.
  • Improved financial processes that ensured accurate reporting for processing NDIS claims.
  • Personal details including physical, social, psychological and cultural needs accurately linked to a ‘golden record’ of the customer.
  • Improved data quality and accuracy with faster linking of customer to carer/service.
  • Atturra identified reusable integration patterns and developed common integration frameworks.

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