Trio of New Partners Signed to Support Digital Transformation Demand in AI, Accounts Payable and Mobile Payments

Atturra, 5 min read

This week Atturra announced a trio of new vendor partnerships to meet client demand for conversational voice AI, accounts payable automation and mobile payments solutions.

Digital Transformation

The new partnerships with Australian-headquartered Curious Thing, Efficiency Leaders and Payble will enable us to optimise and modernise council, utility and commercial enterprise systems to provide better customer experiences, boost employee productivity and reduce operational costs.

Curious Thing provides a rapidly deployable conversational voice AI assistant so businesses can engage with their customers and automate service conversations, resulting in greater efficiency and a better customer experience.

“We are excited to partner with Atturra to bring our innovative voice AI solutions to a broader audience,” said Nishal Mistri, Head of Enterprise and Partnerships, at Curious Thing.

“Together, we can offer customers a new level of voice-enabled experiences that were previously impossible. Our partnership is a major step forward in the evolution of voice AI in the region. We are confident that this collaboration will bring the benefits of voice technology to a wider range of organisations, helping to improve customer engagement and streamline internal processes.”

Efficiency Leaders is a rapidly growing leader in accounts payable (AP) automation, processing over 400,000 invoices per month. The company‘s RapidAP solution is built from a pre-configured framework and seamlessly integrates and complements any ERP environment.

“Efficiency Leaders is an Australian-owned software development company and are proud that Atturra has selected one of our products, ‘RapidAP,’ as the linchpin for their clients’ finance process automation needs,“ said Dan Bennett, Executive Director, Finance Process Transformation at Efficiency Leaders.

“Over the last few years, I have witnessed the strategic acquisitions and partnerships that Atturra have made, which has shown their desire for growth whilst still being customer and client centric. An ethos shared by Efficiency Leaders.”

“This relationship demonstrates the value that Australian partnerships can bring to Australian companies, notwithstanding the APAC region. Equally, it brings together subject matter expertise and the latest in software development & automation to provide organisations with product and delivery excellence in one place. That in itself is a tough challenge in this day and age.”

“Business process automation is a fast-moving domain with a lot of noise in the market. This partnership with Efficiency Leaders and Atturra cuts through that for the benefit of our clients both current and future.”

Payble, the world’s first bill payment engagement platform helps local government support ratepayers with payment flexibility solutions while also providing business benefits such as improved cash collection, lower transaction costs and improved customer satisfaction.

“Payble is excited to partner with Atturra, jointly bringing the Payble SaaS platform to many more organisations,” said Payble Founder and Managing Director, Elliott Donazzan.

“Atturra are industry leaders trusted by CIOs and their teams Australia-wide. Together, we’ll help more organisations modernise their billing experience and unlock the benefits of the Payble SaaS platform, including lower costs, increased end-user customer satisfaction, and drastically reduced manual workload in payments and customer service teams.”

“The willingness of the Atturra team to partner with proven innovators like Payble demonstrates their commitment to helping their clients access the best technology solutions today and into the future.”

These three new solution capabilities will further enable Atturra to support client digital transformation roadmaps with innovative Australian-developed technologies that easily integrate with Atturra’s existing Infor and TechnologyOne business application offerings. This will minimise implementation time and enable us to support client and vendor partner success.

“These additional offerings in artificial intelligence, AP automation and mobile payments will augment the digital capability which enterprises such as councils and utilities can offer to their residents in an interconnected world,” said Richard Hill, Executive General Manager for Atturra Business Applications.

“By choosing to work with Atturra as a single implementation partner, council and utility organisations, will also further benefit by leveraging our change management skills, scale and skills in TechnologyOne and Infor ERP systems to free up valuable employee time from repetitive activity and enhance their digital strategy to emerge stronger in 2023 and beyond.”

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