Powerlink Appoints Atturra Safety Solutions To Build Next-Generation Network Incident Management System

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Brisbane, 25 May 2023– Atturra Safety Solutions has announced that it will build a next-generation Network Incident Management System (IMS) for PowerLink, a leading provider of high voltage electricity transmission network services providing electricity to more than five million Queenslanders and 238,000 businesses.

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The IMS forms part of Powerlink’s Next Generation Network Operations (NGNO) Program and  follows approval to implement a new tool to manage incidents, enable streamlined processes, improve reporting, and enhance collaboration.

The NGNO program is a once-in-a-generation initiative intended to establish Powerlink’s next-generation network operations. The program will enable new ways of working and automate processes for routine activities, improving Queensland’s transmission network performance to better adapt to changes in the energy environment.

Atturra is partnering with Dal Rae Solutions to extend the industry-leading SafetySuite for SAP Business Suite Software which forms the core of the new IMS solution. The solution will enhance incident management processes with risk and hazard management and proactive safety capabilities.

“We are honoured to be working with Powerlink on this once-in-a-generation initiative to deliver the next-generation network incident management solution,” said Atturra Safety Solutions Practice Director, Alastair Brooke.

“Throughout our partnership in developing the design to support the business case, Atturra has worked collaboratively to consider a solution that supports Powerlink to manage its future network incident management needs.  This has helped to produce practical solutions that cut through the complexities of the evolving network operations environment, whilst being mindful of the important role Powerlink plays in supporting the everyday life of Queenslanders.”

About Atturra

Atturra (ASX:ATA) is an ASX-listed technology business providing a range of enterprise advisory consulting, IT services and solutions, with a focus on government, utilities, higher education, defence, financial services and manufacturing industries. Atturra has partnerships with leading global technology providers including Smartsheet, Boomi, Software AG, Microsoft, and OpenText, and its clients are some of the largest public and private-sector organisations in Australia.

About Powerlink 

Powerlink Queensland (www.powerlink.com.au) is a leading Australian provider of high-voltage electricity transmission network services. It delivers electricity to 238,000 businesses and almost five million Queenslanders across its 1,700-kilometer transmission network, providing network connections for large-scale generators and major industrial customers including rail systems, mines, and mineral processing facilities.

About SafetySuite

SafetySuite is an innovative, highly configurable solution that supports the evolution of making your workplace safer, ensuring compliance with the ever-changing regulatory environment. For over 25 years, SafetySuite has worked with Australia’s leading organisations, remaining at the forefront of workplace safety, technology integration, SAP, and the evolution of a safety culture.

About DalRae solutions

DalRae Solutions are a leading Australian IT Consultancy, providing SAP software solutions to the Asia Pacific market. We are a trusted SAP Gold Partner, specialising in building, implementing, and delivering solutions to transform our clients’ business processes. Acknowledged as in-region experts in SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), Dal Rae are also accredited SAP Recognised Experts in User Experience and S/4 HANA. Our team provides a full suite of SAP Cloud, Business Technology Platform and Case Management solutions.

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