Atturra Partners with Brisbane Grammar School to Deploy Microsoft Dynamics Student Information System

Sydney, 15 April 2024 – Atturra has signed a multi-year contract with Brisbane Grammar School for the delivery of a Student Information System (SIS) using Microsoft Dynamics 365, which will simplify administrative processes and unlock new learning and service delivery capabilities.

In addition, the SIS, which includes a wide array of functions ranging from people and profile management to financial reporting, can be licensed to other schools that need to streamline their operations and reduce administrative burden on educators.

The partnership between Atturra and Brisbane Grammar School continues a long-standing and successful relationship between the two organisations, which began with the supply and management of laptops in 2016.

“When we went to market, we were looking for an IT services partner that would be able to set the school up for success in the decades ahead, and support our agenda for growth and digital innovation,” says Alexis Hill, Chief Information Officer, Brisbane Grammar School.

“We selected Atturra based on their experience in education and their comprehensive understanding of how education works. Having an existing relationship with them, they have been able to better support us with an inherent understanding of the value of education, in an age when new technologies are creating exciting opportunities to transform the future of learning.

“Working with an IT services partner is a big investment for our school. We were impressed with the combination of Atturra’s expertise with Microsoft Dynamics 365, their strong presence in Brisbane, and their accreditation as a Microsoft Solutions Partner integration team.”

The new SIS will replace a legacy, on-premise system housing 42 bespoke applications, which was unable to provide the school with up-to-date and reliable data. All community members will be able to use a common system for all their interactions with the school, reducing the administrative burden of operating multiple systems while unlocking data and capability for Brisbane Grammar School to evolve its processes and meet emerging learning and service delivery capabilities.

The SIS will be built on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 and power application platforms, which offer a robust set of out-of-the-box capabilities, strong integration capabilities via APIs and Message Queues, and native integration with low and no-code platforms.

The new solution supports an array of workflow processes and approvals for everyday school processes including cocurricular management, personalised learning, enrolments, school reports, excursions, communications, resource and incident management and financial billing and reporting.

“Although we’re building the system to meet our requirements, there’s also a greater near-term opportunity for us to support schools who don’t have the resources but still have the need for applications,” says Hill.

“As a result, we’re working with Atturra and Microsoft to develop this modern SIS, with modules that can also be used by other educational institutions. It’s a game changer for schools.”

Interested schools can adopt the solution in a modular manner, facilitating earlier deployment and enabling feedback collection while reducing the effort required to switch from systems. For example, a school which may only require an attendance and rostering module can then rapidly purchase a license at their own moment of need and buy more applications when required.

Brisbane Grammar School Headmaster, Anthony Micallef says the partnership is reflective of the significant track record that Atturra has in Education technology.

“The delivery of a new SIS will be pivotal in the success of not only our students, but the school as a business. Working with an expert such as Atturra will ensure we achieve our strategic goals in digital transformation, while remaining competitive as a school and enhancing the collaboration and productivity of our people,” says Micallef.

Brett Auton, K12 Industry Lead for Atturra, adds, “This solution is a strategic joint effort towards initiating lasting change and fostering innovation within the education sector.

“As one of the leading Microsoft Partners in Australia, we are particularly proud to bring expertise and a strong track record in educational technology solutions. Our team, comprising education and technology specialists, is uniquely positioned to drive this project. Similarly, Microsoft’s commitment to empowering organisations and its robust Dynamics 365 platform provide the technological backbone for this solution.

“Ultimately, we believe every school should have access to the best technology available and we look forward to making this a reality at Brisbane Grammar School and other schools that may want to reap the benefits of this modular solution.”

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